We are a collective celebration of our region’s vibrancy, creativity and potential – all that’s good about the northern scene and all the great work we do. If you’re in the advertising, marketing or media industry, get involved. Let’s meet up!

 Northern Soho monthly Meetups

Who we are

We are creatives from across the North West of England, from a rich vein of advertising, marketing and media backgrounds. We are active professionals who are proud and passionate about our achievements and we are a creative force to be reckoned with.

Our goals are to retain talent and business opportunities in the North West and we want our clients to see why they don’t need to look to London for the creative potential to deliver results.

What we do

We get together on the last Tuesday of every month to network to discuss problems and opportunities, as well as providing a regular drop-in mentoring clinic for creatives who are interested in receiving extra support and guidance. We want to change mindsets and perceptions and make a real impact in our region.

How the region becomes renowned as a vibrant and creative hub, well that’s not just down to us. That’s up to you. Anyone with ideas, opinions and a voice is welcome to spread the word – whether it’s writing for the blog, uploading articles onto our website or promoting a Northern Soho event as part of your 12-hour pledge.

Leadership Team

Our dedicated leadership team is made up of:

We want to hear what you have to say and we’d love you to get in touch!