Northern Soho supporting BVE North 2012

BVE North 2012

We are happy to announce that Northern Soho is hosting a Networking Event in support of the BVE North 2012. The event will take place on 13th November 7pm at Bohemia Bar Castlefield. The highlights of the evening will be:

Human Bingo: a great way to start up the evening by getting to know interesting facts about attendees.

Opportunities Board: pin your ideas/opportunities on a board and get connected on the spot with somebody who’s interested in your project.

Speed Networking: you have one minute to speak to someone sitting opposite to you about what you do, your ongoing projects or potential collaborations and vice-versa.

You can book your FREE ticket to Northern Soho Networking Night at:

BVE North is the premier northern event for the production, post and broadcast industries, and for content delivery professionals. Join 3,000+ of fellow broadcast industry professionals and get up to speed with the latest developments in the industry. The event will take place on 13th and 14th of November at Manchester Central.

Register for FREE entry at using priority code ENSOHO.


VIP treatment and invitation to the Media Innovation Forum. The seminar will be touching the void between the content creators and the technical wizards of the digital age, celebrating all that is creatively technical and that pushes the boundaries of the digital proposition.


We look forward to seeing you at Northern Soho Networking Night!

Don’t foget to book your FREE ticket for BVE North 2012 and get your special Northern Soho Perk invitation at Media Innovation Summit!