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Delivered through the MMU Business and Enterprise Bootcamp programme, and with Innospace, Creative Discovery and SC Personal Development collaborated to deliver a series of workshops focusing on company branding and personal development. Through the group sessions and providing ongoing mentoring and support, these creative workshops have been instrumental in the formation and sustainability of new businesses in the region.


The Creative Workshop Sessions for Innospace were designed in collaboration throughout all the various stages. The origin of the collaboration came about from our mutual interest in each others’ work and how we could collaborate together to make our services work together with a real intention of offering real substance once we had identified the right platform to work in. The sustainability of our collaboration is such that we continue to work together on various projects whether tailoring specific sessions for individuals or the facilitation of creative sessions. 

The Creative Workshop Series is a collaboration between:


Our role is to deliver creative sessions that give attendees a firm grounding on the importance of branding for their company, personal branding for how they promote themselves and personal development through NLP (Neuro Linguistic Language) sessions. This multi-faceted approach enables individuals to achieve specific goals and tangible results.

The sessions for MMU Enterprises and Innospace were designed in a creative, holistic approach that gave attendees the opportunity to interact with each other in the sessions whilst also taking away personal learnings. Creative Discovery focused on the related visual exercises of the sessions (that included worksheets and presentations), whilst SC Personal Development worked on the language used throughout the sessions and presentations. This consisted of key techniques used throughout NLP (Neuro Linguistic Language) practice such as re-framing, rapport, body language, personality maps and other communication skills.

Feedback for the sessions was positive with many attendees commenting on their new learnings around the subjects of personal branding and communication skills. MMU Enterprise department were happy enough with our work to book us again for other workshops delivered to their undergraduates and further Bootcamp sessions.


The impact of these sessions has led to individuals setting up their businesses with renewed confidence and in some cases a different direction. We continue to work with some of the attendees that have now set up their businesses in the North West; design projects (brand management and website design) or individual sessions of personal development and NLP workshops.

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