SheSays Manchester

SheSaysMCR has quickly become an established event in Manchester’s networking community, having sold out every event so far and gained support from some of Manchester’s leading digital agencies. The impetus and support for SheSaysMcr has come through volunteers collaborating together and drawing support from a global network of women in creative and marketing businesses. SheSaysMCR has had a great response from the local community and has a growing network of women who are willing to help and support each other in the digital, tech and creative industry.


All four founding members collaborate easily because of the fundamental basis that we’re all friends, (and we enjoy cake, which helps our lunchtime meetings). This helps our collaborative process because we all understand each other’s time commitments, our strengths and our weaknesses. As such, we all know our roles within organising SheSaysMCR, what works well and how to expand our next plan of action.

SheSaysMCR is a collaboration between:

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We have sold out every event so far, have had support from some of Manchester’s leading digital agencies and we’re making links between women’s networking events across the city. We’re planning a Ladies That UX and SheSaysMCR Christmas event to raise money for Save The Children and are looking to run workshops in the future for students and women who are looking to expand their skillset.

SheSaysMCR has done a great job so far, building connections and pulling together support and sponsorship from volunteers and organisations, such as SpacePortX, Hyper Island and Code ComputerLove.


SheSaysMCR has been established to represent Manchester on an existing global platform to help give women a more prominent voice in the digital, creative and tech industry. As such, all of the founding members and recent new recruit, Gabi Iskander, all work in the digital, tech and creative industries. We’re all passionate about making sure that women in Manchester’s booming creative, tech and digital sector aren’t ignored and it’s important to give females a space to network.

Inspiring women have shared their experiences with the SheSaysMCR network and are continuing to give their support and encouragement to SheSaysMCR:

  • Laura Jordan Bambach, Mr President
  • Lou Cordwell, Magnetic North
  • Naomi Timperly
  • Alex O’Connor, Code ComputerLove
  • Sian Eddis, Online Ventures
  • Amy-Jay Handley, Pixel8

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