Do you need a Mentor to help you with your personal development or your business? Your future career? Your future success? Our mentoring scheme is designed to match you with an independent, experienced Mentor who can provide mentoring and support for personal and/or business development.

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a powerful tool, where the ‘Mentee’ is helped by an experienced Mentor with their development needs. Mentoring can address personal or professional concerns and provides someone to listen and talk to about your challenges. Every Mentoring relationship is unique and personal, so it’s important to find the right Mentor for you.

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Why Choose Mentoring?

“I would highly recommend the experience of being a mentee to anyone, regardless of where they are in their business journey. Its a great opportunity to sit down and discuss absolutely everything connected to your business with someone who is only going to be supportive and in no way judgemental. Taking this time away to talk about your business gives the opportunity for you to view it from the outside, through someone else’s eyes and sure to leave you feeling highly motivated. John also encouraged me to look at forward planning in different way than I had previously and it was a way that I found really useful.”


You don’t need to be told what to do, that’s not what mentoring is about. Mentoring gives you access to the skills, knowledge and experience of someone who has been there before, someone you can learn from. So, that you can develop yourself more quickly and make the right decisions along your career path. Studies have shown that having a Mentor is the key factor affecting a person’s success, career satisfaction and whether they will stay within a profession or organisation.

Mentoring Programme Applications

We provide a service for matching Mentors with individuals who are looking for a way to explore their opportunities and make sense of their choices. If you are interested in getting support, please complete our online questionnaire. On receiving your application form, we will be using the details to match you with one of the Mentors from our register. We will put you and the Mentor in touch to arrange an introductory session. This first session is always free of charge and allows you both to explore how mentoring can work for you. Any subsequent sessions can be agreed between yourself and the Mentor.

Apply for a Mentor

Becoming a Mentor

We provide a service for matching individuals with Mentors who are looking to pass on their experience and expertise and make a real difference in nurturing up and coming creatives. If you are interested in providing mentoring support, please complete our mentor registration questionnaire. Upon receiving the form we will be in touch and talk through the mentoring process, what it entails and how you can help. At the same time we will have a chat about your background and approach to providing mentoring support. Following this, we will be able to place you on our Mentor register and match you with suitable mentees.

Mentor Registration