NorthernSoho MentorMatch Relaunch

NorthernSoho is a voluntary not-for-profit group of creatives and marketing people mainly in the Greater Manchester/North of England area (not just the Northern Quarter!). We have been established for 4 years now, and have 800 members across the spectrum of creative, media, marketing and digital services, ages, genders, levels of expertise and experience, etc. Our major objective is to encourage exchange of ideas and information, friendships and collaborations across the creative spectrum, especially amongst freelancers, small agencies and start-up entrepreneurs.

The NorthernSoho MentorMatch scheme has been established for nearly 3 of those years, following consultation with our members about what services and support they need to help them start and develop their businesses. The ethos is for older/more experienced people to help and support those who are younger/less experienced in business (and in life!). This has been a tremendous success so far, and we have helped around 50 individuals and businesses through coaching and mentoring support.

We are planning to re-launch the whole service on Thursday 29th May. This will include all the new and extra Mentors and also some new services and fun. Jess will be running our freestyle drawing competition again and this month’s theme is

Drawing Bonanza

The re-launch is being sponsored by Justaxi – an innovative taxi price comparison service – who will be offering free taxi rides to anyone in the Greater Manchester area who wants to attend the Re-launch Meetup on 29th May. This means saving on petrol, driving, parking, etc. – as well as enabling you to socialise, have a drink, meet new friends more easily.