New Year’s Resolutions

A new year, a new year’s resolution…for designers and creatives, each new year brings a defining moment that affects our ideas, assumptions and even the way we are perceived by our friends, colleagues and audiences.

Every year we hear of what was “hot” last year and where design or trends will be heading this year. For a few weeks around that point in time when a single digit rolls forward and we start the new year afresh, opinion pieces are plastered over so many different websites, newspapers, magazines and social media networks and, while interesting, this really misses the point of a new year.

Is it really fair to say that as of January 1st everything from the previous 12 months is no longer “hot” or “fresh”?  Can someone with a different style who does not meet industry expectations or fit into a nicely defined category really not be a top professional in their field?

I think that what everyone should focus on with the starting of a new year is how to become “better” than they were last year. Maybe, instead of looking out for the “next big thing”, we should look out for the next big personal improvement?

This could be anything from learning a new trick in Photoshop, watching a new tutorial once a week, to taking on an art project that we’ve always wanted to do. I would even go so far to say that taking a walk in the park or going somewhere new could be a great personal improvement.

Northern Soho members all commit to devoting at least 12 hours a year to the group. Now, part of that commitment is achieved through attending group events and collaborating with other group members, but equally valid is undertaking personal development challenges and sharing your experiences with the group.  If you would like to further your portfolio or develop your writing skills this year, I’d love to challenge you to writing a post for the Northern Soho blog!

The New Year should bring about a chance to try something new without forgetting what the old has done for us. December 31st may seem like a long time ago, but 2014 has taught us many lessons and provided a foundation for us to build on. So, come December 31st, 2015, we can look back and see our personal, artistic, and design improvements, not just the overall market trends and design fads that we have to adhere to.

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