Our 5 Top Tips on Getting Creative

We’ve all been there. One day we have more work than we know what to do with and the next we’re sitting twiddling our thumbs. While we all want to catch up on our Netflix roster it may be more beneficial to keep the creative juices flowing. Here are some thoughts on how to keep your talents fresh while you work through those dips in creativity.

  1. Read up!! Whether you take to your trusty old laptop, tablet, or even take a trip over to your local library; there are articles published every single day about new things going on in our design & technical world. It’ll only help you if you know what’s coming into trend. My favourite blog (aside from this one of course) is Creative Bloq and it’s one of the top sites out there for creative news, tips and inspiration. Trust me you will easily get lost in all of the creative articles on there!
  2. Learn! Take every opportunity you can to learn a new skill or try something different. Time to stop by your favourite art store and start playing! Take your camera out for a stroll! Go! Be adventurous!
  3. NETWORK! No matter what anyone says it’s always about who you know! Someone will always recommend their friend for a position over a complete stranger. We use Meetup.com to publicise our events for Northern Soho and we’re not the only ones.  There are lots of local groups on Meetup, so sign up and check out what’s going on in your area. Whether you join a business or professional group, or look for something that has a more social or creative focus is entirely up to you.  Finding a job in the creative field will be easier if you attend a creative group meeting, but opportunities come in all shapes and sizes. It’s the people and relationships that really matter the most.  So, maybe this could be a good chance to try that new skill you learned in #2!
  4. Keep your skills sharp! Try websites like 99designs.com or DesignCrowd to keep your portfolio fresh. Granted you don’t always want to be creating artwork for free, but it is a good way to stay fresh and plump up your portfolio if you can’t think of your own projects.
  5. Get involved! Join a design development community like Tavern or Desinion to pass on your skills and give valuable feedback to your colleagues.

The best thing to do when you’re between projects or jobs is to stay positive! Remember that opportunities really do come in all shapes and sizes and while you may normally turn down a simple small job from a client, that one small job could turn into something much bigger and more fulfilling in the future.